Turn Your Plastic Wastes Into Emergency Shelters


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Payment For Tourism Biz Loans Extended To 2 Years: DOT

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Plastic has become a normal part of our everyday lives. Just look around and you will find that almost everything we use is made up of plastic – from the disposable cups and utensils in our food deliveries, to the wrappers of our chips and snacks, and even the packaging of our favorite products. And why shouldn’t they be? Plastics are so convenient after all!

But before we use another item made of plastic, let’s all stop and think. Did you know that a single plastic bottle could take up to 450 years to fully decompose? During those 450 years, if improperly disposed of or left unrecycled, these plastics can end up in drainage systems causing flash floods, in the ocean harming marine life, and in landfills leaking toxic pollutants to our food and water systems.

Let that sink in for a bit – something that’s used once, will stay in and damage the earth for more than a hundred years after! Doesn’t sound so convenient now, does it?

Simply imagining a plastic-free lifestyle is indeed overwhelming and daunting. However, while sustainable living isn’t always the easiest choice, there is always hope and even the smallest steps to begin this journey can make an amazing difference. Attempts to reduce plastic consumption and recycle plastic waste no matter how small goes a long way in safeguarding of our shared Mother Earth.

This May 10, a very exciting initiative that turns plastic waste into emergency shelters is coming! Beauty brand Garnier, retail chain Watsons, and The Plastic Flamingo launches its first ever Plastics Collection Program. This initiative aims to help Filipinos take that first meaningful step towards becoming more responsible citizens and shoppers.

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your help is needed to collect your plastic waste and deposit them in plastic collection drop boxes. In turn, your donations, will be collected, turned into eco-planks, and used to build emergency shelters for the less fortunate. To make it even better, you’ll be getting exclusive voucher rewards which you can use to enjoy your shopping even more. It’s a convenient win-win scenario: you get to properly dispose of your plastic wastes, help both environment and community, and even get rewards!

“We’re very excited to kickstart a promising partnership between Garnier, Watsons, and The Plastic Flamingo. We are one in pursuing our shared vision of responsible stewardship of our planet and clean beauty accessible to all. It starts with us, and it takes a global brand like Garnier and a retail giant like Watsons to get things started and take the leap towards sustainability. By partnering with The Plastic Flamingo, we are able to leverage their expertise on innovative and relevant ways of reusing plastics – like building infrastructure for emergency shelters. There’s a lot more to be done and the sustainability journey is far from over, but with these steps, we are paving the way to a brighter future” said Josteen Vega, Garnier Marketing Manager.

“Our commitment to sustainability comes from our mission to pave the way for Green Beauty. We’re building off our game-changing Green Parcel partnership with Shopee – resulting in the first sustainable e-commerce parcel in the Philippines, and our recent global accreditation by Cruelty Free International. We are taking our efforts up a notch with Green Spaces, starting with the launch of our Plastics Collection Program. With your help, our goal is to bring this nationwide, encouraging every Filipina to take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Erika Yu, Garnier Sr. Product Manager.

Make your first steps towards sustainable living today by joining the Plastics Collection Program. Here’s how to join:


The first step to responsible recycling is to clean your plastics before donating them. They must be free of any contents, completely dry, and neatly filled into a durable plastic bag. Not sure what type of plastics are accepted? Click here.


From May 10-16, head on over to Watsons Jupiter Makati to hand over your plastic waste to the designated Garnier Girl. For every filled plastic bag, you get a 15% off voucher than can be used on all Garnier products at Watsons!


All plastic waste collected will be turned over to The Plastic Flamingo. Plastic waste today, eco-planks for emergency shelters tomorrow!


Rally your families and friends to join in on this sustainable cause!

To know more, visit the official Garnier website. You may also like and follow the Garnier Philippines Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on latest announcements and updates.

Want to learn more about sustainability? Check out Garnier’s partnership with Edukasyon PH: http://bit.ly/PlasticIsCancelledtQuest

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Metro Clark Waste Management (MCWM) has successfully renewed three ISO certifications in 2021, bagging the ISO cert 6th time.

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Payment For Tourism Biz Loans Extended To 2 Years: DOT

The DOT has extended to two years the grace period for the repayment of loans to distressed tourism businesses, this is to encourage small entrepreneurs to avail of the loan facility offered by the government.

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Tonik has become the first and only neobank in the Philippines to secure a digital banking license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) -the first for any private and purely digital bank in the country.

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Report Distressed Philippine Eagles To PNP, PA

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