BL Community Brings Your Favorite Thai Stars To Manila


Heads up, Thai BL fans — you might just meet your favorite Thai BL actors in person this year! Raikantopeni Philippines, the country’s leading BL community, is organizing a 3-day Raikan FanCon from August 26 to 28.

As pandemic restrictions ease, this fan conference may finally be your opportunity to meet your local fan communities and besties from Stan Twitter.

Raikantopeni Philippines is gearing up to help every Thai BL fan’s dreams come true. In a brief video teaser posted on Facebook, they announced that the FanCon will include FanCon kits, games and booths, fans club battle, Boys Love Forum, and more!

Fans were automatically engaged and it has been the talk of the town within fan communities in different social media platforms.

Adding to the surprise and excitement of the fans, they also announced the attendance of 54 Thai BL actors for their Entertainment and Media Excellence Awards will be in the same FanCon.

So yes, the meme came through correctly. You won’t be seeing just one BL star — but a whooping 54 of them!

Included in the list of 54 kings are Max and Tul from hit series Together With Me, Nammon from A Tale of Thousand Stars, First and Ja from TharnType 2, Jimmy and Tommy from Why R U?, Bas from 2Moons, and more.

As of writing, there are ten more kings that have yet to be unveiled. So if your favorite BL actor still isn’t on the list, you might want to take a minute and do a tambay session on Raikantopeni’s socials.

The fans’ excitement had been surreal, and so was their worry for another gastos! Fans had been joking about selling their own belongings to fund the ticket.

In lieu of these jokes, Raikantopeni Philippines had definitely reassured the fans by posting ticket prices as early as April. In a Facebook post, they captioned, “Save up now and see you in August, Raikans!! 💛”

The ticket prices are as follows:

● RVIP: PHP 16,500
● Platinum: PHP 14,500
● Gold: PHP 11,500
● Silver: PHP 8,500
● Gen Ad: PHP 4,500

Full details of the event including location, ticket perks, and payment will be announced soon. What are you waiting for, then? Get your piggy banks out and start saving for your ultimate dream come true!

If you cannot wait for the latest updates, make sure to head on to Raikantopeni Philippines’ Facebook page at

For the complete list of the 54 Thai BL kings, you may check them out via Raikantopeni Philippines’ official website at